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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-3/A on 08/14/2017
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 Each selling stockholder of the securities named herein and any of their transferees, pledgees, donees, assignees, distributees or successors in interest (all of which may be selling stockholders) may, from time to time, sell any or all of their securities covered hereby on any stock exchange, market or trading facility on which the securities are traded, in private transactions or otherwise. These sales may be at fixed or negotiated prices or at market prices prevailing at the time of sale. A selling stockholder may use any one or more of the following methods when selling securities:


  •  ordinary brokerage transactions and transactions in which the broker-dealer solicits purchasers;
  •  block trades in which the broker-dealer will attempt to sell the securities as agent but may position and resell a portion of the block as principal to facilitate the transaction;
  •  purchases by a broker-dealer as principal and resale by the broker-dealer for its account;
  •  an exchange distribution in accordance with the rules of the applicable exchange;
  •  privately negotiated transactions;
  •  settlement of short sales;
  •  in transactions through broker-dealers that agree with the selling stockholders to sell a specified number of such securities at a stipulated price per security;
  •  through the writing or settlement of options or other hedging transactions, whether through an options exchange or otherwise;
  •  a combination of any such methods of sale; or
  •  any other method permitted pursuant to applicable law.


The selling stockholders may also sell securities under Rule 144 or any other exemption from registration under the Securities Act, if available, rather than under this prospectus.


Broker-dealers engaged by the selling stockholders may arrange for other brokers-dealers to participate in sales. Broker-dealers may receive commissions or discounts from the selling stockholders (or, if any broker-dealer acts as agent for the purchaser of securities, from the purchaser) in amounts to be negotiated, but, except as set forth in a supplement to this Prospectus, in the case of an agency transaction not in excess of a customary brokerage commission in compliance with FINRA Rule 2440; and in the case of a principal transaction a markup or markdown in compliance with FINRA IM-2440.


In connection with the sale of the securities or interests therein, the selling stockholders may enter into hedging transactions with broker-dealers or other financial institutions, which may in turn engage in short sales of the securities in the course of hedging the positions they assume. The selling stockholders may also sell securities short and deliver these securities to close out their short positions, or loan or pledge the securities to broker-dealers that in turn may sell these securities. The selling stockholders may also enter into option or other transactions with broker-dealers or other financial institutions or create one or more derivative securities which require the delivery to such broker-dealer or other financial institution of securities offered by this prospectus, which securities such broker-dealer or other financial institution may resell pursuant to this prospectus (as supplemented or amended to reflect such transaction).


The selling stockholders may pledge or grant a security interest in some of all of the shares of common stock owned by them and, if any of them defaults in the performance of its secured obligations, the pledgees or secured parties may offer and sell the shares of common stock from time to time pursuant to this prospectus or any supplement or amendment to this prospectus under Rule 424(b)(3) or other applicable provision of the Securities Act, amending, if necessary, the list of selling stockholders to include the pledgee, transferee or other successors in interest as selling stockholders under this prospectus. The selling stockholders also may transfer and donate the shares of common stock in other circumstances in which case the transferees, donees or other successors in interest will be the selling beneficial owners for purposes of this prospectus.


The selling stockholders and any broker-dealers or agents that are involved in selling the securities may be deemed to be “underwriters” within the meaning of the Securities Act in connection with such sales. In such event, any commissions received by such broker-dealers or agents and any profit on the resale of the securities purchased by them may be deemed to be underwriting commissions or discounts under the Securities Act. We are not aware that any selling stockholder has any written or oral agreement or understanding, directly or indirectly, with any person to distribute the securities.