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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form 10-Q on 11/07/2017
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Given the significant penalties and fines that can be imposed on companies and individuals if convicted or found liable, allegations of violations under fraud and abuse laws often result in settlements even if the company or individual being investigated admits no wrongdoing. Settlements often include significant civil sanctions, including fines and civil monetary penalties, and corporate integrity agreements. If the government were to allege or convict us or our executive officers of violating these laws, our business could be harmed. In addition, private individuals have the ability to bring similar actions under the False Claims Act. Our activities could be subject to challenge for the reasons discussed above and due to the broad scope of these laws and the increasing attention being given to them by law enforcement authorities. Further, an increasing number of state laws require manufacturers to make reports to states on pricing and marketing information. Many of these laws contain ambiguities as to what is required to comply with the laws. Given the lack of clarity in laws and their implementation, our reporting actions could be subject to the penalty provisions of the pertinent state authorities.


Similar rigid restrictions are imposed on the promotion and marketing of medicinal products in the European Union and other countries. Laws (including those governing promotion, marketing and anti-kickback provisions), industry regulations and professional codes of conduct often are strictly enforced. Even in those countries where we are not directly responsible for the promotion and marketing of our products, inappropriate activity by our international distribution partners can have adverse implications for us.


We may not be able to comply with requirements of foreign jurisdictions in conducting trials outside of the United States.


To date, we have not conducted any clinical trials outside of the United States. Our ability to successfully initiate, enroll and complete a clinical trial in any foreign country, should we attempt to do so, is subject to numerous risks unique to conducting business in foreign countries, including:


  · difficulty in establishing or managing relationships with contract research organizations, or CROs, clinical sites and investigators;
  · different standards for the conduct of clinical trials;
  · our inability to locate qualified local consultants, physicians and partners;
  · the potential burden of complying with a variety of foreign laws, medical standards and regulatory requirements, including the regulation of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products and treatment; and
  · the acceptability of data obtained from trials conducted outside the United States to the FDA in support of a BLA.


Risks Related to Commercialization of Our Product


If we are unable to establish effective marketing and sales capabilities or enter into agreements with third parties to market and sell our product candidates, if they are approved, we may be unable to generate product revenues.


We currently do not have a commercial infrastructure for the marketing, sale and distribution of biological products. If approved, in order to commercialize our products, we must build our marketing, sales and distribution capabilities or make arrangements with third parties to perform these services. We may not be successful in doing so. If vonapanitase is approved by the FDA, we plan to build a specialty sales force in the United States of approximately 75-100 representatives, supported by reimbursement specialists and a medical affairs team. We may seek to further penetrate the United States market in the future by expanding our sales force or through collaborations with other pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies or third party manufacturing and sales organizations. If approved for marketing outside the United States, we may commercialize outside the United States with our own specialty sales force and/or with a commercial partner.