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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form 10-Q on 11/07/2017
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As a company we have no prior experience in the marketing, sale and distribution of biological products, and there are significant risks involved in the building and managing of a commercial infrastructure. The establishment and development of our own sales force and related compliance plans to market any products we may develop will be expensive and time consuming and could delay any product launch, and we may not be able to successfully develop this capability. We, or our future collaborators, will have to compete with other companies to recruit, hire, train, manage and retain marketing and sales personnel. In the event we are unable to develop a marketing and sales infrastructure, we may not be able to commercialize vonapanitase or any additional product candidates, which would limit our ability to generate product revenues. Our ability to generate product revenues would be impaired by:


  · our inability to recruit, train, manage and retain adequate numbers of effective sales and marketing personnel;
  · the inability of sales personnel to obtain access to vascular surgeons or persuade adequate numbers of vascular surgeons to use vonapanitase or any additional product candidates;
  · our inability to effectively oversee a geographically dispersed sales and marketing team;
  · the costs associated with training sales personnel on legal compliance matters and monitoring their actions;
  · liability for sales personnel failing to comply with the applicable legal requirements; and
  · unforeseen costs and expenses associated with creating an independent sales and marketing organization.


Although our current plan is to hire most of our sales and marketing personnel only if vonapanitase is approved by the FDA, we will incur expenses prior to product launch in recruiting this sales force and developing a marketing and sales infrastructure. If the commercial launch of vonapanitase is delayed as a result of FDA requirements or other reasons, we would incur these expenses prior to being able to realize any revenue from sales of vonapanitase. Even if we are able to effectively hire a sales force and develop a marketing and sales infrastructure, our sales force and marketing teams may not be successful in commercializing vonapanitase or any additional product candidates.


In the event we are unable to hire a sales force or collaborate with a third-party marketing and sales organization to commercialize any approved product candidates outside the United States, our ability to generate product revenues may be limited. To the extent we rely on third parties to commercialize any products for which we obtain regulatory approval, we may receive less revenues than if we commercialized these products ourselves. In addition, we would have less control over the sales efforts of any other third parties involved in our commercialization efforts.


Even if vonapanitase or any additional product candidates receive regulatory approval, they may fail to achieve the broad degree of physician adoption and use necessary for commercial success.


The commercial success of vonapanitase and any product candidates that we may develop will depend upon the degree of market acceptance by physicians, patients, healthcare payors and others in the medical community. Even if the FDA approves vonapanitase or one or more of our future product candidates, physicians and patients may not accept and use them. Acceptance and use of any of our products will depend upon a number of factors including:


  · perceptions by members of the healthcare community, including physicians, about the safety and effectiveness of our products, and their advantages as compared to any competitive products;
  · the timing of market introduction of the product candidate as well as competitive products;
  · the clinical indications for which the product candidate is approved;
  · any restrictions on or warnings regarding the use of the products;
  · cost-effectiveness of our products relative to any competing products;
  · availability of timely coverage and reimbursement for our products from government or other third-party payors; and
  · effectiveness of marketing and distribution efforts by us and any our licensees and distributors.


Because we expect sales of vonapanitase, if approved, to generate substantially all of our product revenues for the foreseeable future, the failure of vonapanitase to gain market acceptance would harm our business and would require us to seek additional financing.


Vonapanitase or any additional product candidates, if approved, may face significant competition and our failure to effectively compete may prevent us from achieving significant market penetration and expansion.


The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries are characterized by rapidly advancing technologies, intense competition and a strong emphasis on proprietary products. We face potential competition from many different sources, including major pharmaceutical, specialty pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, academic institutions, governmental agencies and public and private research institutions. While we believe that vonapanitase’s features, safety and efficacy will differentiate it from any competitive products that may become available in the future, we expect to face potential competition from many different sources, including larger and better-funded pharmaceutical, specialty pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and medical device companies, as well as from academic institutions and governmental agencies and public and private research institutions that may develop potentially competitive products or technologies.