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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form 10-Q on 11/07/2017
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1.2          Outside Completion Date


If Landlord shall have failed substantially to complete Landlord’s Work in the Additional Premises described in the Plans on or before March 1, 2018 (which date shall be extended automatically for such periods of time as Landlord is prevented from proceeding with or completing the same by reason of Landlord’s Force Majeure as defined in Section 6.1 of the Lease or any Tenant Delay, without limiting Landlord’s other rights on account thereof), Tenant shall have the right to terminate the Lease solely with respect to the Additional Premises (but not with respect to the Original Premises) by giving notice to Landlord of Tenant’s desire to do so before such completion and within the time period from the Outside Completion Date (as so extended) until the date which is thirty (30) days subsequent to the Outside Completion Date (as so extended); and, upon the giving of such notice, the term of the Lease solely with respect to the Additional Premises (but not with respect to the Original Premises) shall cease and come to an end without further liability or obligation on the part of either party unless, within thirty (30) days after receipt of such notice, Landlord substantially completes Landlord’s Work; and such right of termination shall be Tenant’s sole and exclusive remedy for Landlord’s failure so to complete Landlord’s Work within such time.


1.3         Quality and Performance of Work


Except to the extent to which Tenant shall have given Landlord notice of respects in which Landlord has not performed Landlord’s construction obligations under this Work Letter not later than the end of the sixth (6th) full calendar month next beginning after the Additional Premises Commencement Date, Tenant shall be deemed conclusively to have approved Landlord’s construction and shall have no claim that Landlord has failed to perform any of Landlord’s obligations under this Work Letter. Landlord agrees to correct or repair at its expense items which are then incomplete or do not conform to the work contemplated under the Plans and as to which, in either case, Tenant shall have given notice to Landlord, as aforesaid.


1.4         Tenant Plan Excess Costs


Notwithstanding anything contained in this Work Letter to the contrary, it is understood and agreed that Tenant shall be fully responsible for the costs of any items of work not shown on Exhibit C attached to this Fourth Amendment and the costs of any items of work shown as “Not Included in Turn-Key” on said Exhibit C (by virtue of an “X” being noted in the Not Included in Turn-Key column) (the “Tenant Plan Excess Costs”). To the extent, if any, that there are Tenant Plan Excess Costs, Tenant shall pay Landlord, as Additional Rent, the Tenant Plan Excess Costs prior to the commencement of the Landlord’s Work.


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