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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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2.                                      Registration Rights.  The Company covenants and agrees as follows:


2.1.                            Demand Registration.


(a)                                 If at any time after the earlier of (i) four (4) years after the date of this Agreement or (ii) one hundred eighty (180) calendar days after the effective date of the registration statement for the IPO, the Company receives a request from Holders of a majority of the Registrable Securities then outstanding that the Company effect a registration with respect to an amount of the Registrable Securities then outstanding, then the Company shall (i) within ten (10) calendar days after the date such request is given, give notice thereof (the “Demand Notice”) to all Holders other than the Initiating Holders; and (ii) as soon as practicable, and in any event within sixty (60) calendar days after the date such request is given by the Initiating Holders, file a registration statement under the Securities Act covering all Registrable Securities that the Initiating Holders requested to be registered and any additional Registrable Securities requested to be included in such registration by any other Holders, as specified by notice given by each such Holder to the Company within twenty (20) calendar days of the date the Demand Notice is given, and in each case, subject to the limitations of Section 2.1(b).


(b)                                 Notwithstanding the foregoing obligations, if the Company furnishes to Holders requesting a registration pursuant to this Section 2.1 a certificate signed by the Company’s chief executive officer stating that in the good faith judgment of the Company’s Board of Directors it would be materially detrimental to the Company and its stockholders for such registration statement to either become effective or remain effective for as long as such registration statement otherwise would be required to remain effective, because such action would (i) materially interfere with a significant acquisition, corporate reorganization, or other similar transaction involving the Company; (ii) require premature disclosure of material information that the Company has a bona fide business purpose for preserving as confidential; or (iii) render the Company unable to comply with requirements under the Securities Act or Exchange Act, then the Company shall have the right to defer taking action with respect to such filing, and any time periods with respect to filing or effectiveness thereof shall be tolled correspondingly, for a period of not more than sixty (60) calendar days after the request of the Initiating Holders is given; provided, however, that the Company may not invoke this right more than once in any twelve (12) month period; and provided further that the Company shall not register any securities for its own account or that of any other stockholder during such sixty (60) day period other than pursuant to a registration relating to the sale of securities to employees of the Company pursuant to a stock option, stock purchase, or similar plan; a registration on any form that does not include substantially the same information as would be required to be included in a registration statement covering the sale of the Registrable Securities; or a registration in which the only Common Stock being registered is Common Stock issuable upon conversion of debt securities that are also being registered.


(c)                                  The Company shall not be obligated to effect, or to take any action to effect, any registration pursuant to this Section 2.1 (i) during the period that is sixty (60) calendar days before the Company’s good faith estimate of the date of filing of, and ending on a date that is one hundred eighty (180) calendar days after the effective date of, a Company-initiated registration, provided, that the Company is actively employing in good faith commercially reasonable efforts to cause such registration statement to become effective; (ii)