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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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5.2.                            Employee Agreements.  The Company will cause (i) each Person now or hereafter employed by it or by any subsidiary (or engaged by the Company or any subsidiary as a consultant/independent contractor) with access to confidential information and/or trade secrets, or who works on technical matters, to enter into a nondisclosure and proprietary rights assignment agreement which provides, among other things, for the protection of confidential information of the Company and the assignment to and ownership by the Company of patents, patent applications, and other intellectual property rights conceived of or developed during such Person’s employment with the Company and (ii) each Key Person to enter into a non-competition and nonsolicitation agreement, in a form acceptable to the Major Holders, which provides that such Key Person will not compete with the Company or solicit employees of the Company while employed and for a period of one (1) year following termination of such Key Person’s employment.  In addition, the Company shall not amend, modify, terminate, waive, or otherwise alter, in whole or in part, any of the above-referenced agreements or any restricted stock agreement between the Company and any employee, without the unanimous consent of the Preferred Directors.


5.3.                            Employee Vesting.  Unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors, all future employees and consultants of the Company who purchase, receive options to purchase, or receive awards of shares of the Company’s capital stock after the date hereof shall be required to execute restricted stock or option agreements, as applicable, providing for (i) vesting of shares over a four (4) year period, with the first twenty-five percent (25%) of such shares vesting following twelve (12) months of continued employment or service, and the remaining shares vesting in equal quarterly installments over the following twelve (12) quarters, and (ii) a one hundred eighty (180) day lockup period in connection with the IPO.  The Company shall retain a “right of first refusal” on employee transfers until the Company’s IPO and shall have the right to repurchase unvested shares at cost upon termination of employment of a holder of restricted stock.


5.4.                            Matters Requiring Preferred Director Approval.  So long as at least 10% of the shares of Preferred Stock issued as of the date hereof remain outstanding, the Company hereby covenants and agrees with each of the Investors that it shall not, without approval of the Board of Directors, which approval must include the affirmative vote of a majority of the Preferred Directors:


(a)                                 make, or permit any subsidiary to make, any loan or advance to, or own any stock or other securities of, any subsidiary or other corporation, partnership, or other entity unless it is wholly owned by the Company;


(b)                                 make, or permit any subsidiary to make, any loan or advance to any Person, including, without limitation, any employee or director of the Company or any subsidiary, except advances and similar expenditures in the ordinary course of business or under the terms of an employee stock or option plan approved by the Board of Directors;


(c)                                  guarantee, directly or indirectly, or permit any subsidiary to guarantee, directly or indirectly, any indebtedness except for trade accounts of the Company or any subsidiary arising in the ordinary course of business;