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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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Exhibit 10.3


[Proteon Therapeutics Letterhead]



To:                             Daniel Gottlieb


From:               Timothy P. Noyes



Date:                  July 19, 2007


RE:                          Letter of Intent for Employment Terms


Dear Daniel,


I am looking forward to having you come to work for Proteon Therapeutics, Inc. The company and I have agreed on employment and compensation terms for you which shall take effect upon your start date. These terms include:


1) Position:


Director of Business Development, reporting directly to Timothy Noyes, President & CEO.




2) Base Salary:


$160,000 annually. You will be paid monthly.




3) Bonus:


Participation in the company’s incentive bonus plan with a target bonus of up to 20% of Base Salary. This bonus will be based ¾ on your performance against goals set for you annually and agreed upon by the Board, and ¼ on subjective performance evaluation by the Board.




4) Vacation, Medical, and other Benefits


You will be entitled to 3 weeks of vacation annually, which is pro-rated in 2007. You will participate in all the standard benefit programs offered by the company for which you qualify. If you require time off associated with your relocation the company will grant you up to three additional days to be used within the first 6 months of your employment.