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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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5.4                               Obstructions; Items Visible from Exterior; Rules and Regulations


Not to obstruct in any manner any portion of the Building not hereby leased or any portion thereof or of the Site used by Tenant in common with others; not without prior consent of Landlord to permit the painting or placing of any signs, curtains, blinds, shades, awnings, aerials or flagpoles, or the like, visible from outside the Premises; and to comply with all reasonable Rules and Regulations now or hereafter made by Landlord, of which Tenant has been given notice and which are of general applicability to all tenants of the Building, for the care and use of the Building and Site and their facilities and approaches; Landlord shall not be liable to Tenant for the failure of other occupants of the Building to conform to such Rules and Regulations. In the event there shall be a conflict between such rules and regulations and this Lease, the provisions of this Lease shall prevail.


5.5                               Safety Appliances


To keep the Premises equipped with all safety appliances required by any public authority because of any use made by Tenant other than normal office use, and to procure all licenses and permits so required because of such use and, if requested by Landlord, to do any work so required because of such use, it being understood that the foregoing provisions shall not be construed to broaden in any way Tenant’s Permitted Use.


5.6                               Assignment; Sublease


Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, Tenant covenants and agrees that it shall not assign, mortgage, pledge, hypothecate or otherwise transfer this Lease and/or Tenant’s interest in this Lease or sublet (which term, without limitation, shall include granting of concessions, licenses or the like) the whole or any part of the Premises. Any assignment, mortgage, pledge, hypothecation, transfer or subletting not expressly permitted in or consented to by Landlord under Sections 5.6.1-5.6.6 shall be void, ab initio; shall be of no force and effect; and shall confer no rights on or in favor of third parties. In addition, Landlord shall be entitled to seek specific performance of or other equitable relief with respect to the provisions hereof.


5.6.1                     Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 5.6 above, in the event Tenant desires to assign this Lease or to sublet the whole (but not part) of the Premises (no partial subletting being permitted other than as provided in Section 5.6.4 below), Tenant shall give Landlord notice (the “Proposed Transfer Notice”) of any proposed sublease or assignment, and said notice shall specify the provisions of the proposed assignment or subletting, including (a) the name and address of the proposed assignee or subtenant, (b) in the case of a proposed assignment or subletting pursuant to Section 5.6.3 below, such information as to the proposed assignee’s or proposed subtenant’s net worth and financial capability and standing as may reasonably be required for Landlord to make the determination referred to in said Section 5.6.3 (provided, however, that Landlord shall hold such information confidential having the right to release same to its officers, accountants, attorneys and mortgage lenders on a confidential basis), (c) all of the