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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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character consistent with the operation of a first class office building (by way of example Landlord shall not be deemed to be unreasonably withholding its consent to an assignment or subleasing to any governmental or quasi-governmental agency), or


(b)                                 the proposed assignee or subtenant does not possess adequate financial capability to perform the Tenant obligations as and when due or required, or


(c)                                  the assignee or subtenant proposes to use the Premises (or part thereof) for a purpose other than the purpose for which the Premises may be used as stated in Section 1.1 hereof, or


(d)                                 the character of the business to be conducted or the proposed use of the Premises by the proposed subtenant or assignee shall (i) be likely to increase Landlord’s Operating Expenses beyond that which Landlord now incurs for use by Tenant; (ii) be likely to increase the burden on elevators or other Building systems or equipment over the burden prior to such proposed subletting or assignment; or (iii) violate or be likely to violate any provisions or restrictions contained herein relating to the use or occupancy of the Premises, or


(e)                                  there shall be existing an uncured Event of Default (defined in Section 7.1) or there have been three (3) or more Event of Default occurrences during the prior eighteen (18) months, or


(f)                                   the proposed rent and other charges to be payable by the proposed assignee or subtenant are less than the market rent and other charges for first class office sublease space for properties of a similar character in the Boston West Suburban market, or


(g)                                  any part of the rent payable under the proposed assignment or sublease shall be based in whole or in part on the income or profits derived from the Premises or if any proposed assignment or sublease shall potentially have any adverse effect on the real estate investment trust qualification requirements applicable to Landlord and its affiliates, or


(h)                                 the holder of any mortgage or ground lease on property which includes the Premises does not approve of the proposed assignment or sublease pursuant to written documentation between Landlord and such holder, or


(i)                                     due to the identity or business of a proposed assignee or subtenant, such approval would cause Landlord to be in violation of any covenant or restriction contained in another lease or other