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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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from any act, omission or negligence on the part of any of the Tenant Parties; or (iv) any breach of this Lease by Tenant. Tenant shall pay such indemnified amounts as they are incurred by the Landlord Parties. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, Tenant shall not be obligated to indemnify a Landlord Party for any claims to the extent that such Landlord Party’s damages in fact result from such Landlord Party negligence or willful misconduct. This indemnification shall not be construed to deny or reduce any other rights or obligations of indemnity that any of the Landlord Parties may have under this Lease or the common law.


(b)                                 Breach. In the event that Tenant breaches any of its indemnity obligations hereunder or under any other contractual or common law indemnity: (i) Tenant shall pay to the Landlord Parties all liabilities, loss, cost, or expense (including attorney’s fees) incurred as a result of said breach; and (ii) the Landlord Parties may deduct and offset from any amounts due to Tenant under this Lease any amounts owed by Tenant pursuant to this Section 8.1(b).


(c)                                  No limitation. The indemnification obligations under this Section 8.1 shall not be limited in any way by any limitation on the amount or type of damages, compensation or benefits payable by or for Tenant or any subtenant or other occupant of the Premises under workers’ compensation acts, disability benefit acts, or other employee benefit acts. Tenant waives any immunity from or limitation on its indemnity or contribution liability to the Landlord Parties based upon such acts.


(d)                                 Subtenants and other occupants. Tenant shall require its subtenants and other occupants of the Premises to provide similar indemnities to the Landlord Parties in a form acceptable to Landlord.


(e)                                  Survival. The terms of this Section 8.1 shall survive any termination or expiration of this Lease.


(f)                                   Costs. The foregoing indemnity and hold harmless agreement shall include indemnity for all costs, expenses and liabilities (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and disbursements) incurred by the Landlord Parties in connection with any such claim or any action or proceeding brought thereon, and the defense thereof, In addition, in the event that any action or proceeding shall be brought against one or more Landlord Parties by reason of any such claim, Tenant, upon request from the Landlord Party, shall resist and defend such action or proceeding on behalf of the Landlord Party by counsel appointed by Tenant’s insurer (if such claim is covered by insurance without reservation) or otherwise by counsel reasonably satisfactory to the Landlord Party. The Landlord Parties shall not be bound by any compromise or settlement of any such claim, action or proceeding without the prior written consent of such Landlord Parties.


8.2                               Tenant’s Risk


Tenant agrees to use and occupy the Premises, and to use such other portions of the Building and the Complex as Tenant is given the right to use by this Lease at Tenant’s own risk, The Landlord Parties shall not be liable to the Tenant Parties for any damage,