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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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certificates evidencing the insurance coverage required by this Lease, and renewal certificates shall be furnished to Landlord at least annually thereafter, and at least fifteen (15) days prior to the expiration date of each policy for which a certificate was furnished (acceptable forms of such certificates for liability and property insurance, respectively, are attached as Exhibit I). Failure by the Tenant to provide the certificates or letters required by this Section 8.8 shall not be deemed to be a waiver of the requirements in this Section 8.8. Upon request by Landlord at reasonable intervals, a true and complete copy of any insurance policy required by this Lease shall be delivered to Landlord within ten (10) days following Landlord’s request.


8.9                               Subtenants and Other Occupants


Tenant shall require its subtenants and other occupants of the Premises to provide written documentation evidencing the obligation of such subtenant or other occupant to indemnify the Landlord Parties to the same extent that Tenant is required to indemnify the Landlord Parties pursuant to Section 8.1 above, and to maintain insurance that meets the requirements of this Article, and otherwise to comply with the requirements of this Article. Tenant shall require all such subtenants and occupants to supply certificates of insurance evidencing that the insurance requirements of this Article have been met and shall forward such certificates to Landlord on or before the earlier of (i) the date on which the subtenant or other occupant or any of their respective direct or indirect partners, officers, shareholders, directors, members, trustees, beneficiaries, servants, employees, principals, contractors, licensees, agents, invitees or representatives first enters the Premises or (ii) the commencement of the sublease. Tenant shall be responsible for identifying and remedying any deficiencies in such certificates or policy provisions.


8.10                        No Violation of Building Policies


Tenant shall not commit or permit any violation of the policies of fire, boiler, sprinkler, water damage or other insurance covering the Complex and/or the fixtures, equipment and property therein carried by Landlord, or do or permit anything to be done, or keep or permit anything to be kept, in the Premises, which in case of any of the foregoing (i) would result in termination of any such policies, (ii) would adversely affect Landlord’s right of recovery under any of such policies, or (iii) would result in reputable and independent insurance companies refusing to insure the Complex or the property of Landlord in amounts reasonably satisfactory to Landlord.


8.11                        Tenant to Pay Premium Increases


If, because of anything done, caused or permitted to be done, or omitted by Tenant (or its subtenant or other occupants of the Premises), the rates for liability, fire, boiler, sprinkler, water damage or other insurance on the Complex and equipment of Landlord or any other tenant or subtenant in the Building shall be higher than they otherwise would be, Tenant shall reimburse Landlord and/or the other tenants and subtenants in the Building for the additional insurance premiums thereafter paid by Landlord or by any of the other tenants and subtenants in the Building which shall have been charged because of the aforesaid reasons, such reimbursement to be made from time to time on Landlord’s demand.




8.12                        Landlord’s Insurance


(a)                                 Required insurance. Landlord shall maintain (i) insurance against loss or damage with respect to the Building on an “all risk” type insurance form, with customary exceptions, subject to such commercially reasonable deductibles as Landlord may determine, in an amount equal to at least the full insurable replacement value of the Building from time to time; (ii) insurance with respect to any improvements, alterations, and fixtures of Tenant located at the Premises to the extent paid for by Landlord; (iii) commercial general liability insurance with respect to the Building in an amount not less than Five Million ($5,000,000.00) per occurrence, with deductibles as determined by Landlord; and (iv) insurance covering loss of rents in the amounts payable under this Lease. The cost of such insurance shall be treated as a part of Operating Expenses. Such insurance shall be maintained with a reputable and licensed insurance company or companies selected by Landlord. Payment for losses thereunder shall be made solely to Landlord and used for the purposes intended.


(b)                                 Optional insurance. Landlord may maintain such additional insurance with respect to the Building and the Complex, including, without limitation, earthquake insurance, terrorism insurance, flood insurance, and/o· rent insurance, as may from time to time be reasonable and customary for similar office buildings in the Boston west suburban market. Landlord may also maintain such other insurance as may from time to time be required by the holder of any mortgage for the Property. Such insurance shall be maintained with an insurance company or companies selected by Landlord. Payment for losses thereunder shall be made solely to Landlord. The cost of all such additional insurance shall also be part of the Operating Expenses.


(c)                                  Blanket and self-insurance. Any or all of Landlord’s insurance may be provided by blanket coverage maintained by Landlord or any affiliate of Landlord under its insurance program for its portfolio of properties, or by Landlord or any affiliate of Landlord under a program of self-insurance, and in such event Landlord’s Operating Expenses shall include the portion of the reasonable cost of blanket insurance or self-insurance that is allocated to the Building.


(d)                                 No obligation. Landlord shall not be obligated to insure, and shall not assume any liability of risk of loss for, Tenant’s Property, including any such property or work of Tenant’s subtenants or occupants. Landlord will also have no obligation to carry insurance against, nor be responsible for, any loss suffered by Tenant, subtenants or other occupants due to interruption of Tenant’s or any subtenant’s or occupant’s business.


8.13                        Waiver of Subrogation


The parties hereto waive and release any and all rights of recovery against the other, and agree not to seek to recover from the other or to make any claim against the other, and in the case of Landlord, against all “Tenant Parties” (hereinafter defined), and in the case of Tenant, against all “Landlord Parties” (hereinafter defined), for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by the waiving/releasing party to the extent such loss or damage is