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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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this Lease, become due if this Lease had not been terminated or if Landlord had not entered or re-entered, as aforesaid, and whether the Premises be relet or remain vacant, in whole or in part, or relet for a period less than the remainder of the Term, and for the whole thereof, but in the event the Premises be relet by Landlord, Tenant shall be entitled to a credit in the net amount of rent and other charges received by Landlord in reletting, after deduction of all actual and reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in reletting the Premises (including, without limitation, remodeling costs, brokerage fees and the like), and in collecting the rent in connection therewith, in the following manner:


Amounts received by Landlord after reletting shall first be applied against such Landlord’s expenses, until the same are recovered, and until such recovery, Tenant shall pay, as of each day when a payment would fall due under this Lease, the amount which Tenant is obligated to pay under the terms of this Lease (Tenant’s liability prior to any such reletting and such recovery not in any way to be diminished as a result of the fact that such reletting might be for a rent higher than the rent provided for in this Lease); when and if such expenses have been completely recovered, the amounts received from reletting by Landlord as have not previously been applied shall be credited against Tenant’s obligations as of each day when a payment would fall due under this Lease, and only the net amount thereof shall be payable by Tenant. Further, amounts received by Landlord from such reletting for any period shall be credited only against obligations of Tenant allocable to such period, and shall not be credited against obligations of Tenant hereunder accruing subsequent or prior to such period; nor shall any credit of any kind be due for any period after the date when the term of this Lease is scheduled to expire according to its terms.


Landlord agrees to use reasonable efforts to relet the Premises after Tenant vacates the same in the event this Lease is terminated based upon an Event of Default by Tenant hereunder. The marketing of the Premises in a manner similar to the manner in which Landlord markets other premises within Landlord’s control within the Building shall be deemed to have satisfied Landlord’s obligation to use “reasonable efforts” hereunder. In no event shall Landlord be required to (i) solicit or entertain negotiations with any other prospective tenant for the Premises until Landlord obtains full and complete possession of the Premises (including, without limitation, the final and unappealable legal right to relet the Premises free of any claim of Tenant), (ii) relet the Premises before leasing other vacant space in the Building, or (iii) lease the Premises for a rental less than the current fair market rent then prevailing for similar office space in the Building.


(d)                                 (i)                                     Landlord may elect, as an alternative, to have Tenant pay liquidated damages, which election may be made by notice given to Tenant at any time after such termination and whether or not Landlord shall have collected any damages as aforesaid, as liquidated final damages and in lieu of all other damages beyond