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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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agrees to recognize the rights of Tenant under this Lease (including the right to use and occupy the Premises) upon the payment of rent and other charges payable by Tenant under this Lease and the performance by Tenant of Tenant’s obligations hereunder. In confirmation of such subordination and recognition, Tenant shall execute and deliver promptly such commercially reasonable instruments of subordination and recognition as such mortgagee may reasonably request subject to receipt of such instruments of recognition from such mortgagee as Tenant may reasonably request (Tenant hereby agreeing to pay any legal or other fees charged by the mortgagee in connection with providing the same). In the event that any mortgagee or its respective successor in title shall succeed to the interest of Landlord, then, this Lease shall nevertheless continue in full force and effect and Tenant shall and does hereby agree to attorn to such mortgagee or successor and to recognize such mortgagee or successor as its landlord. If any holder of a mortgage which includes the Premises, executed and recorded prior to the date of this Lease, shall so elect, this Lease and the rights of Tenant hereunder, shall be superior in right to the rights of such holder, with the same force and effect as if this Lease had been executed, delivered and recorded, or a statutory notice hereof recorded, prior to the execution, delivery and recording of any such mortgage. The election of any such holder shall become effective upon either notice from such holder to Tenant in the same fashion as notices from Landlord to Tenant are to be given hereunder or by the recording in the appropriate registry or recorder’s office of an instrument in which such holder subordinates its rights under such mortgage to this Lease.


If in connection with obtaining financing a bank, insurance company, pension trust or other institutional lender shall request reasonable modifications in this Lease as a condition to such financing, Tenant will not unreasonably withhold, delay or condition its consent thereto, provided that such modifications do not increase the monetary obligations of Tenant hereunder or materially adversely affect the leasehold interest hereby created.


9.15                        Status Reports and Financial Statements


Recognizing that Landlord and Tenant may find it necessary to establish to third parties, such as accountants, banks, potential or existing mortgagees, potential purchasers or the like, the then current status of performance hereunder, each party, on the request of the other made from time to time (but not more often than once annually), will promptly furnish to the other, or any existing or potential holder of any mortgage encumbering the Premises, the Building, the Site and/or the Complex or any potential purchaser of the Premises, the Building, the Site and/or the Complex, (each an “Interested Party”), a statement of the status of any matter pertaining to this Lease, including, without limitation, acknowledgments that (or the extent to which) each party is in compliance with its obligations under the terms of this Lease. In addition, Tenant shall deliver to Landlord, or any Interested Party designated by Landlord, financial statements of Tenant and any guarantor of Tenant’s obligations under this Lease, as reasonably requested by Landlord (but not more often than once annually), including, but not limited to financial statements for the past three (3) years. Landlord shall keep any non-public information provided by Tenant pursuant to this Section 9.15 confidential, and shall not disclose the same other than (i) to Landlord’s officers, employees and consultants (or to any of the