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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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any and all other covenants of Landlord contained in this Lease shall be binding upon Landlord and Landlord’s successors, including ground or master lessees, only with respect to breaches occurring during Landlord’s or Landlord’s successors’ respective ownership of Landlord’s interest hereunder, as the case may be.


Further, Tenant specifically agrees to look solely to Landlord’s then equity interest in the Building (together with the rents, profits, issues, and proceeds therefrom) at the time owned, or in which Landlord holds an interest as ground lessee, for recovery of any judgment from Landlord; it being specifically agreed that neither Landlord (original or successor), nor any partner in or of Landlord, nor any beneficiary of any trust of which any person holding Landlord’s interest is trustee, nor any member, manager, partner, director or stockholder, nor Landlord’s managing agent, shall ever be personally liable for any such judgment, or for the payment of any monetary obligation to Tenant. The provision contained in the foregoing sentence is not intended to, and shall not, limit any right that Tenant might otherwise have to obtain injunctive relief against Landlord or Landlord’s successors in interest, or any action not involving the personal liability of Landlord (original or successor), any partner in or of Landlord, any successor trustee to the persons named herein as Landlord, or any beneficiary of any trust of which any person holding Landlord’s interest is trustee, or of any manager, member, partner, director or stockholder of Landlord or of Landlord’s managing agent to respond in monetary damages from Landlord’s assets other than Landlord’s equity interest aforesaid in the Building, but (subject to abatement rights specifically provided for in this Lease) in no event shall Tenant have the right to terminate or cancel this Lease or to withhold rent or to set-off any claim or damages against rent as a result of any default by Landlord or breach by Landlord of its covenants or any warranties or promises hereunder, except in the case of a wrongful eviction of Tenant from the demised premises (constructive or actual) by Landlord continuing after notice to Landlord thereof and a reasonable opportunity for Landlord to cure the same. In the event that Landlord shall be determined to have acted unreasonably in withholding any consent or approval under this Lease, the sole recourse and remedy of the Tenant in respect thereof shall be to specifically enforce Landlord’s obligation to grant such consent or approval, and in no event shall the Landlord be responsible for any damages of whatever nature in respect of its failure to give such consent or approval nor shall the same otherwise affect the obligations of the Tenant under this Lease or act as any termination of this Lease. In no event shall Landlord or Tenant ever be liable to the other party for any indirect or consequential damages suffered from whatever cause; provided that the foregoing shall not limit or alter any procedural right or remedy of Landlord under this Lease nor shall the same apply to the obligations of Tenant with respect to any hold over by Tenant after the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease.


9.4                               Notice to Mortgagee and Ground Lessor


After receiving notice from any person, firm or other entity that it holds a mortgage which includes the Premises as part of the mortgaged premises, or that it is the ground lessor under a lease with Landlord, as ground lessee, which includes the Premises as a part of the demised premises, no notice from Tenant to Landlord shall be effective unless and until a copy of the same is given to such holder or ground lessor, and the curing of