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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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any of Landlord’s defaults by such holder or ground lessor within the time period provided for in this Lease (including a reasonable time to obtain possession of the premises if the mortgagee or ground lessor elects to do so) shall be treated as performance by Landlord. For the purposes of this Section 9.4 or Section 9.14, the term “mortgage” includes a mortgage on a leasehold interest of Landlord (but not one on Tenant’s leasehold interest).


9.5                               Assignment of Rents


With reference to any assignment by Landlord or Landlord’s interest in this Lease, or the rents payable hereunder, conditional in nature or otherwise, which assignment is made to the holder of a mortgage or ground lease on property which includes the Premises, Tenant agrees:


(a)                                 That the execution thereof by Landlord, and the acceptance thereof by the holder of such mortgage or the ground lessor, shall never be treated as an assumption by such holder or ground lessor of any of the obligations of Landlord hereunder, unless such holder, or ground lessor, shall, by notice sent to Tenant, specifically otherwise elect; and


(b)                                 That, except as aforesaid, such holder or ground lessor shall be treated as having assumed Landlord’s obligations hereunder only upon foreclosure of such holder’s mortgage and the taking of possession of the Premises, or, in the case of a ground lessor, the assumption of Landlord’s position hereunder by such ground lessor.


In no event shall the acquisition of title to the Building and the land on which the same is located by a purchaser which, simultaneously therewith, leases the entire Building or such land back to the seller thereof be treated as an assumption by such purchaser-lessor, by operation of law or otherwise, of Landlord’s obligations hereunder, but Tenant shall look solely to such seller-lessee, and its successors from time to time in title, for performance of Landlord’s obligations hereunder subject to the provisions of Section 8.4 hereof. In any such event, this Lease shall be subject and subordinate to the lease to such purchaser provided that such purchaser agrees to recognize the right of Tenant to use and occupy the Premises upon the payment of rent and other charges payable by Tenant under this Lease and the performance by Tenant of Tenant’s obligations under this Lease and provided that Tenant agrees to attorn to such purchaser. For all purposes, such seller-lessee, and its successors in title, shall be the landlord hereunder unless and until Landlord’s position shall have been assumed by such purchaser-lessor.


9.6                               Surrender


No act or thing done by Landlord during the Lease Term shall be deemed an acceptance of a surrender of the Premises, and no agreement to accept such surrender shall be valid,