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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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III.                              ELECTRICAL SERVICES


A.                                    Landlord shall provide electric power for a combined load of 3.0 watts per square foot of useable area for lighting and for office machines through standard receptacles for the typical office space.


B.                                    In the event that Tenant has special equipment (such as computers and reproduction equipment) that requires either 3-phase electric power or any voltage other than 120 volts, or for any other usage in excess of 3.0 watts per square foot, Landlord may at its option require the installation of separate metering (Tenant being solely responsible for the costs of any such separate meter and the installation thereof) and direct billing to Tenant for the electric power required for any such special equipment.


C.                                    Landlord will furnish and install, at Tenant’s expense, all replacement lighting tubes, lamps and ballasts required by Tenant. Landlord will clean lighting fixtures on a regularly scheduled basis at Tenant’s expense.


IV.                               ELEVATORS


Provide passenger elevator service.


V.                                    WATER


Provide hot water for lavatory purposes and cold water for drinking, lavatory and toilet purposes.


VI.                               CARD ACCESS SYSTEM


Landlord will provide a card access system at one entry door of the building.


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