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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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The following procedures and requirements shall apply to the Broker Determination of Prevailing Market Rent called for pursuant to Section 8 of the Third Amendment to Lease to which this Exhibit is attached:


1.                                      Tenant’s Request.  Tenant shall send a notice to Landlord by the time set for such notice in the applicable section of the Lease, requesting a Broker Determination of the Prevailing Market Rent, which notice to be effective must (i) make explicit reference to the Lease and to the specific section of the Lease pursuant to which said request is being made, (ii) include the name of a broker selected by Tenant to act for Tenant, which broker shall be affiliated with a major Boston commercial real estate brokerage firm selected by Tenant and which broker shall have at least ten (10) years experience dealing in properties of a nature and type generally similar to the Building located in the Boston West Suburban Market, and (iii) explicitly state that Landlord is required to notify Tenant within thirty (30) days of an additional broker selected by Landlord.


2.                                      Landlord’s Response.  Within thirty (30) days after Landlord’s receipt of Tenant’s notice requesting the Broker Determination and stating the name of the broker selected by Tenant, Landlord shall give written notice to Tenant of Landlord’s selection of a broker having at least the affiliation and experience referred to above.


3.                                      Selection of Third Broker.  Within ten (10) days thereafter the two (2) brokers so selected shall select a third such broker also having at least the affiliation and experience referred to above.


4.                                      Rental Value Determination.  Within thirty (30) days after the selection of the third broker, the three (3) brokers so selected, by majority opinion, shall make a determination of the annual fair market rental value of the Premises for the period referred to in the Lease.  Such annual fair market rental value determination (x) may include provision for annual increases in rent during said term if so determined, (y) shall take into account the as-is condition of the Premises and (z) shall take account of, and be expressed in relation to, the tax and operating cost bases and provisions for paying for so-called tenant electricity as contained in the Lease.  The brokers shall advise Landlord and Tenant in writing by the expiration of said thirty (30) day period of the annual fair market rental value which as so determined shall be referred to as the Prevailing Market Rent.


5.                                      Resolution of Broker Deadlock.  If the Brokers are unable to agree at least by majority on a determination of annual fair market rental value, then the brokers shall send a notice to Landlord and Tenant by the end of the thirty (30) day period for making said determination setting forth their individual determinations of annual fair market rental value, and the highest such determination and the lowest such determination shall be disregarded and the remaining determination shall be deemed to be the determination of annual fair market rental value and