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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1 on 09/16/2014
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exercisable for an aggregate period of three (3) months after the termination of your Continuous Service;


(b)                                 twelve (12) months after the termination of your Continuous Service due to your Disability;


(c)                                  eighteen (18) months after your death if you die either during your Continuous Service or within three (3) months after your Continuous Service terminates;


(d)                                 the Expiration Date indicated in your Grant Notice; or


(e)                                  the day before the tenth (10th) anniversary of the Date of Grant.


If your option is an Incentive Stock Option, note that to obtain the federal income tax advantages associated with an Incentive Stock Option, the Code requires that at all times beginning on the date of grant of your option and ending on the day three (3) months before the date of your option’s exercise, you must be an employee of the Company or an Affiliate, except in the event of your death or your permanent and total disability, as defined in Section 22(e) of the Code. (The definition of disability in Section 22(e) of the Code is different from the definition of the Disability under the Plan). The Company has provided for extended exercisability of your option under certain circumstances for your benefit but cannot guarantee that your option will necessarily be treated as an Incentive Stock Option if you continue to provide services to the Company or an Affiliate as a Consultant or Director after your employment terminates or if you otherwise exercise your option more than three (3) months after the date your employment with the Company or an Affiliate terminates.


8.                                      EXERCISE.


(a)                                 You may exercise the vested portion of your option (and the unvested portion of your option if your Grant Notice so permits) during its term by delivering a Notice of Exercise (in a form designated by the Company) together with the exercise price to the Secretary of the Company, or to such other person as the Company may designate, during regular business hours, together with such additional documents as the Company may then require.


(b)                                 By exercising your option you agree that, as a condition to any exercise of your option, the Company may require you to enter into an arrangement providing for the payment by you to the Company of any tax withholding obligation of the Company arising by reason of (1) the exercise of your option, (2) the lapse of any substantial risk of forfeiture to which the shares of Common Stock are subject at the time of exercise, or (3) the disposition of shares of Common Stock acquired upon such exercise.


(c)                                  If your option is an Incentive Stock Option, by exercising your option you agree that you will notify the Company in writing within fifteen (15) days after the date of any disposition of any of the shares of the Common Stock issued upon exercise of your option that occurs within two (2) years after the date of your option grant or within one (1) year after such shares of Common Stock are transferred upon exercise of your option.