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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1/A on 10/07/2014
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4.15.  Removal.  The Board of Directors may remove any officer of the Company at any time, with or without cause.


Article V. - Stock.


5.1.  Stock.  The shares of the Company’s capital stock may be certificated or uncertificated and shall be entered in the books of the Company and registered as they are issued.  Any certificate representing shares of stock issued to a stockholder of the Company (i) shall be numbered, (ii) shall certify the holder’s name, the number of shares and the class or series of stock, (iii) shall otherwise be in such form as the Board of Directors shall prescribe, (iv) shall be signed by both of (a) either the President or a Vice-President, and (b) any one of the Treasurer or an Assistant Treasurer or the Secretary or an Assistant Secretary, and (v) shall be sealed with the corporate seal of the Company, if any. If such certificate is countersigned (l) by a transfer agent other than the Company or its employee, or, (2) by a registrar other than the Company or its employee, the signature of the officers of the Company and the corporate seal may be facsimiles. In case any officer or officers who shall have signed, or whose facsimile signature or signatures shall have been used on, any such certificate or certificates shall cease to be such officer or officers of the Company, whether because of death, resignation or otherwise, before such certificate or certificates shall have been delivered by the Company, such certificate or certificates may nevertheless be adopted by the Company and be issued and delivered as though the person or persons who signed such certificate or certificates or whose facsimile signature shall have been used thereon had not ceased to be such officer or officers of the Company.


5.2.  Fractional Share Interests.  The Company may, but shall not be required to, issue fractions of a share.  If the Company does not issue fractions of a share, it shall (i) arrange for the disposition of fractional interests by those entitled thereto, (ii) pay in cash the fair value of fractions of a share as of the time when those entitled to receive such fractions are determined, or (iii) issue scrip or warrants in registered or bearer form that shall entitle the holder to receive a certificate for a full share upon the surrender of such scrip or warrants aggregating a full share.  A certificate for a fractional share shall, but scrip or warrants shall not unless otherwise provided therein, entitle the holder to exercise voting rights, to receive dividends thereon, and to participate in any of the assets of the Company in the event of liquidation.  The Board of Directors may cause scrip or warrants to be issued subject to the conditions that they shall become void if not exchanged for certificates representing full shares before a specified date, or subject to the conditions that the shares for which scrip or warrants are exchangeable may be sold by the Company and the proceeds thereof distributed to the holders of scrip or warrants, or subject to any other conditions that the Board of Directors may impose.


5.3.  Transfers of Stock.


Subject to any transfer restrictions then in force, the shares of stock of the Company shall be transferable only upon its books by the holders thereof in person or by their duly authorized attorneys or legal representatives.


If the shares of stock of the Company to be transferred are certificated shares, then, subject to the provisions of Section 5.7 below, the holder of the certificate or certificates representing such shares shall surrender to the Company or the transfer agent of the Company such certificate or certificates duly endorsed or accompanied by proper evidence of succession, assignation or authority to transfer, and, subject to any transfer restrictions then in force, the Company or the transfer agent of the Company shall cancel such certificate or certificates upon receipt thereof or upon compliance by such holder with the provisions of Section 5.7 below and (i) deliver to the applicable stockholder transferee either a new certificate or certificates representing the number of shares transferred or appropriate documentation evidencing the applicable stockholder transferee’s record ownership of a number of uncertificated shares