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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1/A on 10/07/2014
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    actual or anticipated fluctuations in our quarterly financial results or the quarterly financial results of companies perceived to be similar to us;
    changes in the market's expectations about our operating results;
    adverse results or delays in preclinical studies or clinical trials;
    our decision to initiate a clinical trial, not to initiate a clinical trial or to terminate an existing clinical trial;
    adverse regulatory decisions, including failure to receive regulatory approval for PRT-201 or any additional product candidates;
    success of competitive products;
    adverse developments concerning our collaborations and our manufacturers;
    inability to obtain adequate product supply for any product candidate for clinical trials or commercial sale or inability to do so at acceptable prices;
    the termination of a collaboration or the inability to establish additional collaborations;
    unanticipated serious safety concerns related to the use of any of PRT-201 or any additional product candidates;
    our ability to effectively manage our growth;
    the size and growth, if any, of the targeted market;
    our operating results failing to meet the expectation of securities analysts or investors in a particular period or failure of securities analysts to publish reports about us or our business;
    changes in financial estimates and recommendations by securities analysts concerning our company, our market opportunity, or the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in general;
    operating and stock price performance of other companies that investors deem comparable to us;
    overall performance of the equity markets;
    announcements by us or our competitors of acquisitions, new product candidates or programs, significant contracts, commercial relationships or capital commitments;
    our ability to successfully market PRT-201 or any additional product candidates;
    changes in laws and regulations affecting our business, including but not limited to clinical trial requirements for approvals;
    disputes or other developments relating to proprietary rights, including patents, litigation matters and our ability to obtain patent protection for PRT-201 or any additional product candidates;
    commencement of, or involvement in, litigation involving our company, our general industry, or both;
    changes in our capital structure, such as future issuances of securities or the incurrence of additional debt;
    the volume of shares of our common stock available for public sale;
    additions or departures of key scientific or management personnel;
    any major change in our board or management;
    changes in accounting practices;
    ineffectiveness of our internal control over financial reporting;
    sales of substantial amounts of common stock by our directors, executive officers or significant stockholders or the perception that such sales could occur; and
    general economic and political conditions such as recessions, interest rates, fuel prices, international currency fluctuations and acts of war or terrorism.

        Broad market and industry factors may materially harm the market price of our common stock irrespective of our operating performance. The stock market in general, and NASDAQ and the market for biotechnology companies in particular, have experienced extreme price and volume fluctuations that have often been unrelated or disproportionate to the operating performance of the particular companies affected. The trading prices and valuations of these stocks, and of ours, may not be predictable. A loss of investor confidence in the market for technology or software stocks or the stocks of other companies which investors perceive to be similar to us, the opportunities in the digital simulation market or the stock market