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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1/A on 10/07/2014
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        On May 13, 2014, upon the closing of our Series D convertible preferred stock financing described below, the convertible notes, in the aggregate amount of approximately $4.5 million principal and accrued interest automatically converted into 10,344,201 shares of our Series D convertible preferred stock at a conversion price per share of $0.4414.

    Series D Financing

        On May 13, 2014, we received net proceeds of approximately $24.7 million from the issuance of Series D convertible preferred stock to new and existing investors at a price per share of $0.588656. In aggregate, we issued 52,813,827 shares of Series D convertible preferred stock including 10,344,201 shares for the conversion of $4.6 million of convertible notes and accrued interest at a conversion price of $0.4414 per share. As provided by the Series D stock purchase agreement, the investors in the Series D convertible preferred stock have the potential opportunity to invest an additional $20.0 million in Series D convertible preferred stock at $0.588656 per share. The investors' rights to purchase additional shares of Series D convertible preferred stock will terminate with this offering.

    Operating Capital Requirements

        We expect to incur increasing operating losses for at least the next several years as we conduct our Phase 3 clinical trials for PRT-201 in radiocephalic AVFs, thereafter seeking marketing approval for PRT-201 in radiocephalic AVFs assuming successful trial outcomes, and pursue development of PRT-201 for additional indications, including in brachiocephalic AVFs and AVGs. We may not be able to complete the development and initiate commercialization of PRT-201 if, among other things, our clinical trials are not successful, the Food and Drug Administration does not approve PRT-201 when we expect, or at all.

        We believe that the net proceeds of this offering, together with our existing cash and cash equivalents and investments, will be sufficient to fund our operations through the end of 2017. Based on our planned use of the net proceeds of this offering and our existing cash resources, we believe that our available funds subsequent to this offering will be sufficient to enable us to obtain results from our first Phase 3 clinical trial of PRT-201 in radiocephalic AVFs and to accelerate the commencement of our second Phase 3 trial and the chemistry and manufacturing controls, or CMC, activities.

        Unless or until we can generate a sufficient amount of revenue from our product sales we expect to fund our operations through a combination of equity offerings debt financings or other sources including potential collaborations. Additional capital may not be available on favorable terms, if at all. If we are unable to raise additional capital in sufficient amounts or on terms acceptable to us, we may have to significantly delay, scale back or discontinue the development or commercialization of one or more of our protein therapeutic candidates. If we raise additional funds through the issuance of debt or equity securities, it could result in dilution to our existing stockholders and increased fixed payment obligations, and these securities may have rights senior to those of our common stock. If we incur indebtedness, we could become subject to covenants that would restrict our operations and potentially impair our competitiveness, such as limitations on our ability to incur additional debt, limitations on our ability to acquire, sell or license intellectual property rights and other operating restrictions that could adversely impact our ability to conduct our business. We may not be able to enter into collaboration arrangements for PRT-201 in targeted geographies. Any of these events could significantly harm our business, financial condition and prospects.

        Our forecast of the period of time through which our financial resources will be adequate to support our operations is a forward-looking statement and involves risks and uncertainties, and actual results could vary as a result of a number of factors. We have based this estimate on assumptions that may prove to be wrong, and we could exhaust our available capital resources sooner than we currently expect. Our future funding requirements, both near and long-term, will depend on many factors, including:

    the timing and costs of our planned Phase 3 clinical trials of PRT-201 in radiocephalic AVFs;