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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1/A on 10/07/2014
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Summary Compensation Table

        The following table presents compensation awarded in 2013 to our principal executive officer and our two other most highly compensated persons serving as executive officers as of December 31, 2013 or paid to or accrued for those executive officers for services rendered during 2013. We refer to these executive officers as our "named executive officers."

Name & Principal Position
  Year   Salary ($)   Bonus ($)(1)   Option Awards ($)(2)   All Other Compensation ($)(3)   Total ($)  

Timothy P. Noyes
President and Chief Executive Officer

    2013     393,710     73,830         4,595     472,135  

Steven K. Burke, M.D.
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer


Daniel Gottlieb
Vice President, Marketing and Business Development


Amounts represent cash bonuses earned in 2013, and paid during 2014, based on achievement of performance goals and other factors deemed relevant by our board of directors. Our 2013 company objectives related primarily to development and strategic achievements.

The amounts reported in the Option Awards column granted to our named executive officers represent the retrospective fair value of the stock options as of the grant date as computed in accordance with Accounting Standards Codification, or ASC, Topic 718, not including any estimates of forfeitures. The assumptions used in calculating the grant date fair value of the stock options reported in the option awards column are set forth in Note 11 to our financial statements included elsewhere in this prospectus. Note that the amounts reported in this column reflect the accounting cost for these stock options, and do not correspond to the actual economic value that may be received by the named executive officers from the options.

This column reflects term life and disability insurance premiums paid by us on behalf of the named executive officers. All of these benefits are provided to the named executive officers on the same terms as provided to all of our regular full-time employees.

Executive Compensation


        Our executive compensation program is based on a pay-for-performance philosophy. We designed our executive compensation program to achieve the following primary objectives: provide compensation and benefit levels that will attract, retain, motivate and reward a highly talented executive team within the context of responsible cost management; establish a direct link between our individual/team performance and results and our executives' compensation; and align the interests and objectives of our executives with those of our stockholders by linking executive equity awards to stockholder value creation. Compensation for our executive officers is composed primarily of the following three main components: base salary; annual cash incentive bonuses and long-term equity incentives.