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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1/A on 10/07/2014
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        Regulatory authorities also may, at any time following approval of a product for sale, audit our manufacturing facilities or those of our third-party contractors. If any such inspection or audit identifies a failure to comply with applicable regulations or if a violation of our product specifications or applicable regulations occurs independent of such an inspection or audit, we or the relevant regulatory authority may require remedial measures that may be costly and/or time-consuming for us or a third party to implement and that may include the temporary or permanent suspension of a clinical trial or commercial sales or the temporary or permanent closure of a facility. Any such remedial measures imposed upon us or third parties with whom we contract could materially harm our business.

        If we or any of our third-party manufacturers fail to maintain regulatory compliance, the FDA can impose regulatory sanctions including, among other things, refusal to approve a pending application for a new drug or biologic product or revocation of a pre-existing approval. If any such event occurs, our business, financial condition and results of operations may be materially harmed.

We rely on third parties to conduct some or all aspects of our product manufacturing, protocol development, research, and preclinical and clinical testing, and these third parties may not perform satisfactorily.

        We do not currently, and do not expect in the future, to independently conduct all aspects of our product manufacturing, protocol development, research and monitoring and management of our clinical programs. PRT-201 API is produced by our contract manufacturer, Lonza. PRT-201 finished product is produced by our contract fill/finish provider, Jubilant HollisterStier. Release testing and stability for API and finished product is performed by PPD, Inc. We currently rely, and expect to continue to rely, on third parties with respect to these items. While we will have agreements governing their activities, we will have limited influence over their actual day-to-day performance. Nevertheless, we will be responsible for ensuring that the manufacturing is conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements such as cGMPs. Our reliance on the third parties does not relieve us of our regulatory responsibilities.

        Any of these third parties may terminate their engagements with us under the terms of our agreements upon notice to us. If we need to enter into alternative arrangements, our product candidate development activities may be delayed. Our reliance on these third parties for research and development activities reduces our day-to-day control over these activities but does not relieve us of our responsibility to ensure compliance with all required legal, regulatory and scientific standards and any applicable trial protocols. For example, for PRT-201 or any additional product candidates that we develop and commercialize on our own, we will remain responsible for ensuring that each of our clinical trials is conducted in accordance with its protocol and analyzed in accordance with its statistical analysis plan for the clinical trial.

        If these third parties do not successfully carry out their contractual duties, meet expected deadlines or conduct our studies in accordance with regulatory requirements or our protocols, we may be delayed in completing, or unable to complete, the clinical trials required to support future approval of PRT-201 or any additional product candidates.

        We rely on our manufacturers to purchase from third-party suppliers the materials necessary to produce our product candidate, PRT-201, for our clinical trials. There are a small number of suppliers for certain raw materials that we use to manufacture PRT-201. These suppliers may not sell these raw materials to our manufacturers at the times we need them or on commercially reasonable terms. We do not have any control over the process or timing of the acquisition of these raw materials by our manufacturers. Moreover, we currently do not have any agreements for the commercial production of these raw materials. Although the API and the finished product for each of our Phase 3 trials has already been manufactured and is held in storage, we will need supply of finished product as part of the process validation and for any stability or other tests in connection with a BLA application and also to conduct additional clinical trials, for example for additional PRT-201 indications. Any significant delay in the supply of the ingredients thereof due to the need to replace a third-party manufacturer could considerably delay completion of our