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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1/A on 10/07/2014
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Award to be granted by the Company under the Plan including the officer, employee, consultant, advisor or director to receive the Award and the form of Award.  In making such determinations, the Committee may take into account the nature of the services rendered by the respective officers, employees, consultants, advisors and directors, their present and potential contributions to the success of the Company and its Affiliates, and such other factors as the Committee in its discretion shall deem relevant.  Subject to the provisions of the Plan, the Committee shall also have complete authority to interpret the Plan, to prescribe, amend and rescind rules and regulations relating to it, to determine the terms and provisions of the respective Award Agreements (which need not be identical), and to make all other determinations necessary or advisable for the administration of the Plan.  The Committee’s determinations made in good faith on matters referred to in the Plan shall be final, binding and conclusive on all participants, beneficiaries, heirs, assigns or other persons having or claiming any interest under the Plan or an Award made pursuant hereto.


6.                                      Authorization of Grants


6.1.                            Eligibility.  The Committee may grant from time to time and at any time prior to the termination of the Plan one or more Awards, either alone or in combination with any other Awards, to any officer or employee of or consultant or advisor to one or more of the Company and its Affiliates or to any non-employee member of the Board or of any board of directors (or similar governing authority) of any Affiliate. However, only employees of the Company, and of any parent or subsidiary corporations of the Company, as defined in Sections 424(e) and (f), respectively, of the Code, shall be eligible for the grant of an Incentive Option.


6.2.                            General Terms of Awards.  Each grant of an Award shall be subject to all applicable terms and conditions of the Plan (including but not limited to any specific terms and conditions applicable to that type of Award set out in the following Section), and such other terms and conditions, not inconsistent with the terms of the Plan, as the Committee may prescribe.  No prospective Participant shall have any rights with respect to an Award, unless and until such Participant shall have complied with the applicable terms and conditions of such Award (including if applicable delivering a fully executed copy of any agreement evidencing an Award to the Company).


6.3.                            Effect of Termination of Employment, Etc. Unless the Committee shall provide otherwise with respect to any Award (including, but not limited to, in a Participant’s Award Agreement), if the Participant’s employment or other association with the Company and its Affiliates ends for any reason, including because of the Participant’s employer ceasing to be an Affiliate, (a) any outstanding Option or Stock Appreciation Right of the Participant shall cease to be exercisable in any respect not later than ninety (90) days following that event and, for the period it remains exercisable following that event, shall be exercisable only to the extent exercisable at the date of that event, and (b) any other outstanding Award of the Participant to the extent that it is then still subject to Risk of Forfeiture shall be forfeited or otherwise subject to return to or repurchase by the Company on the terms specified in the applicable Award Agreement.  Cessation of the performance of services in one capacity, for example, as an employee, shall not result in termination of an Award while the Participant continues to perform services in another capacity, for example as a director.  Military or sick leave or other bona fide leave shall not be deemed a termination of employment or other association, provided that it does not exceed the longer of ninety (90) days or the period during which the absent Participant’s reemployment rights, if any, are guaranteed by statute or by contract. To the extent consistent with applicable law, the Committee may provide that Awards continue to vest for some or all of