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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1/A on 10/07/2014
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2.13.                     Market Value means the value of a share of Stock on a particular date determined by such methods or procedures as may be established by the Committee.  Unless otherwise determined by the Committee, the Market Value of Stock as of any date is the closing price for the Stock as reported on the New York Stock Exchange (or on any other national securities exchange on which the Stock is then listed) for that date or, if no closing price is reported for that date, the closing price on the first following date for which a closing price is reported.  For purposes of Awards effective as of the effective date of the Company’s initial public offering, Market Value of Stock shall be the price at which the Company’s Stock is offered to the public in its initial public offering.


2.14.                     Nonstatutory Option means any Option that is not an Incentive Option.


2.15.                     Option means an option to purchase shares of Stock.


2.16.                     Optionee means an eligible individual to whom an Option shall have been granted under the Plan.


2.17.                     Participant means any holder of an outstanding Award under the Plan.


2.18.                     Performance Criteria and Performance Goals have the meanings given such terms in Section 7.7(f).


2.19.                     Performance Period means the one or more periods of time, which may be of varying and overlapping durations, selected by the Committee, over which the attainment of one or more Performance Goals or other business objectives will be measured for purposes of determining a Participant’s right to, and the payment of, an Award.


2.20.                     Performance Unit means a right granted to a Participant under Section 7.5, to receive cash, Stock or other Awards, the payment of which is contingent on achieving Performance Goals or other business objectives established by the Committee.


2.21.                     Plan means this 2014 Equity Incentive Plan of the Company, as amended from time to time, and including any attachments or addenda hereto.


2.22.                     Qualified Performance-Based Awards means Awards intended to qualify as “performance-based compensation” under Section 162(m) of the Code.


2.23.                     Restricted Stock means a grant or sale of shares of Stock to a Participant subject to a Risk of Forfeiture.


2.24.                     Restricted Stock Units means rights to receive shares of Stock at the close of a Restriction Period, subject to a Risk of Forfeiture.


2.25.                     Restriction Period means the period of time, established by the Committee in connection with an Award of Restricted Stock or Restricted Stock Units, during which the shares of Restricted Stock or Restricted Stock Units are subject to a Risk of Forfeiture described in the applicable Award Agreement.


2.26.                     Risk of Forfeiture means a limitation on the right of the Participant to retain Restricted Stock or Restricted Stock Units, including a right of the Company to reacquire shares