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SEC Filings

PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1/A on 10/07/2014
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the extent permitted by law, have the right to deduct any such taxes from any payment of any kind otherwise due to a Participant or to utilize any other withholding method prescribed by the Committee from time to time.  However, in such cases Participants may elect, subject to the approval of the Committee, acting in its sole discretion, to satisfy an applicable withholding requirement, in whole or in part, by having the Company withhold shares of Stock to satisfy their tax obligations.  All elections shall be irrevocable, made in writing, signed by the Participant, and shall be subject to any restrictions or limitations that the Committee deems appropriate.  If shares of Stock are withheld to satisfy an applicable withholding requirement, the shares of Stock withheld shall have a Market Value on the date the tax is to be determined equal to the minimum statutory total tax which could be imposed on the transaction, provided, however, if shares of Stock are withheld to satisfy a withholding requirement imposed by a country other than the United States, the amount withheld may exceed such minimum, provided that it is not in excess of the actual amount required to be withheld with respect to the Participant under applicable tax law or regulations.


10.8.                     Company Charter and By-Laws; Other Company Policies. This Plan and all Awards granted hereunder are subject to the charter and By-Laws of the Company, as they may be amended from time to time, and all other Company policies duly adopted by the Board, the Committee or any other committee of the Board and as in effect from time to time regarding the acquisition, ownership or sale of Stock by officers, employees, directors, consultants, advisors and other service providers, including, without limitation, policies intended to limit the potential for insider trading and to avoid or recover compensation payable or paid on the basis of inaccurate financial results or statements, employee conduct, and other similar events.


11.                               Reservation of Stock


The Company shall at all times during the term of the Plan and any outstanding Awards granted hereunder reserve or otherwise keep available such number of shares of Stock as will be sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the Plan (if then in effect) and the Awards and shall pay all fees and expenses necessarily incurred by the Company in connection therewith.


12.                               Limitation of Rights in Stock; No Special Service Rights


A Participant shall not be deemed for any purpose to be a stockholder of the Company with respect to any of the shares of Stock subject to an Award, unless and until a certificate shall have been issued therefor and delivered to the Participant or his agent, or the Stock shall be issued through the direct registration system of the Company’s transfer agent.  Any Stock to be issued pursuant to Awards granted under the Plan shall be subject to all restrictions upon the transfer thereof which may be now or hereafter imposed by the certificate or articles of incorporation and the by-laws of the Company.  Nothing contained in the Plan or in any Award Agreement shall confer upon any recipient of an Award any right with respect to the continuation of his or her employment or other association with the Company (or any Affiliate), or interfere in any way with the right of the Company (or any Affiliate), subject to the terms of any separate employment or consulting agreement or provision of law or corporate articles or by-laws to the contrary, at any time to terminate such employment or consulting agreement or to increase or decrease, or otherwise adjust, the other terms and conditions of the recipient’s employment or other association with the Company and its Affiliates.