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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1/A on 10/07/2014
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1.                                      I,                                                           , hereby elect to participate in the Proteon Therapeutics, Inc. 2014 Employee Stock Purchase Plan, as amended (the “Purchase Plan”), and subscribe to purchase shares of the Company’s Common Stock in accordance with this Enrollment Agreement and the Purchase Plan.  Capitalized terms used (and not otherwise defined) in this enrollment agreement have the meanings assigned to them in the Purchase Plan.


2.                                      I hereby authorize payroll deductions from each paycheck in the amount of               % of my Compensation (from 1% to 15%) on each payroll date during the Plan Period in accordance with the Purchase Plan. (Please note that no fractional percentages are permitted.)


3.                                      I understand that such payroll deductions will be accumulated for the purchase of shares of Common Stock at the applicable purchase price determined in accordance with the Purchase Plan.  I understand that, if I do not withdraw from a Plan Period, any accumulated payroll deductions will be used to automatically purchase shares of Common Stock.


4.                                      I understand that all my payroll deductions received or held by the Company under the Purchase Plan may be used by the Company for any corporate purpose, and the Company shall not be obligated to segregate such payroll deductions.  Until shares are issued to me, I will only have the rights of an unsecured creditor with respect to such accumulated payroll deductions.


5.                                      I have received a copy of the Purchase Plan Prospectus and the Purchase Plan document.  I understand that my participation in the Purchase Plan is in all respects subject to the terms of the Purchase Plan.


6.                                      Shares purchased for me under the Purchase Plan should be issued in the name(s) of (Employee or Employee and spouse only):