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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1/A on 10/07/2014
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Commencement Date for the Plan Period and shall provide the Participating Employee with the right to purchase Shares upon the terms set forth below.


(b)                                 The number of Shares purchasable by a Participating Employee on each Plan Period Termination Date during the Plan Period, pursuant to Section 6.5 below, shall be determined by dividing such Employee’s Contributions accumulated during such Plan Period prior to such Plan Period Termination Date and retained in the Participating Employee’s account as of the Plan Period Termination Date by the applicable Purchase Price.  However, the maximum number of Shares a Participating Employee may purchase during each Plan Period shall not exceed 10,000 Shares, or such other number as may be determined by the Committee and announced to Employees at least five days prior to the scheduled beginning of the next Plan Period to be affected by the Committee’s determination, provided that such purchase shall be subject to the limitations set forth in Section 6.2(c).


(c)                                  Except as provided in Section 6.2(h)(ii), the fair market value of the Shares on a given date (the “Fair Market Value”) means the value of a share of Common Stock on a particular date determined by such methods or procedures as may be established by the Committee. Unless otherwise determined by the Committee, the Fair Market Value of the Common Stock as of any date, is (a) the closing price for the Common Stock as reported by the the NASDAQ Global Market (or on any other national securities exchange on which the Common Stock is then listed) for that date or, if no closing price is reported for that date, the closing price on the next preceding date for which a closing price was reported or (b) if the Common Stock is not traded on a national securities exchange but is traded over-the-counter, the closing or last price of the Common Stock on the composite tape or other comparable reporting system on that date or, if such date is not a trading day, the last market trading day prior to such date.


6.5.                            Exercise.  Unless a Participating Employee withdraws from the Plan as provided in Section 6.7, each option shall be exercised automatically on each Plan Period Termination Date, and Shares shall accordingly be purchased on behalf of each Participating Employee on each such Plan Period Termination Date. The purchase shall be effected by applying the Participating Employee’s payroll deductions for the Plan Period ending on such Plan Period Termination Date to the purchase of Shares (subject to the limitation on the maximum number of Shares purchasable per Participating Employee on any one Plan Period Termination Date) at the Purchase Price in effect for the Participating Employee for that Plan Period Termination Date.  The Shares purchased upon exercise of an option hereunder shall be deemed to be transferred to the Participating Employee on the Plan Period Termination Date. During his or her lifetime, a Participating Employee’s option to purchase Shares hereunder is exercisable only by him or her.


6.6.                            Delivery. As promptly as practicable after each Plan Period Termination Date, the Company shall arrange the delivery to each Participating Employee a certificate or certificates or book-entry authorization and instruction to the Company’s transfer agent and registrar for the number of Shares purchased upon exercise of his or her option.


6.7.                            Voluntary Withdrawal; Termination of Employment.


(a)                                 A Participating Employee may withdraw all but not less than all of the Contributions credited to his or her account under the Plan up to two weeks prior to the Plan Period Termination Date by giving written notice to the Company in accordance with the Company’s policy regarding withdrawal from the Plan.  All of the Participating Employee’s