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PROTEON THERAPEUTICS INC filed this Form S-1/A on 10/07/2014
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of the powers, designations, preferences, privileges, and relative rights in respect of each class of capital stock of the Corporation.


Section 2. Common Stock.


(a) General. The voting, dividend and liquidation rights of the holders of Common Stock are subject to and qualified by the rights of the holders of Preferred Stock.


(b) Voting.  Except as otherwise provided by the DGCL or this Restated Certificate and subject to the rights of holders of any series of Preferred Stock, all of the voting power of the stockholders of the Corporation shall be vested in the holders of the Common Stock, and each holder of Common Stock shall have one vote for each share held by such holder on all matters voted upon by the stockholders of the Corporation; provided, however, that, except as otherwise required by law, holders of Common Stock, as such, shall not be entitled to vote on any amendment to this Restated Certificate (or on any amendment to a certificate of designations of any series of Preferred Stock) that alters or changes the powers, preferences, rights or other terms of one or more outstanding series of Preferred Stock if the holders of such affected series of Preferred Stock are entitled to vote, either separately or together with the holders of one or more other such series, on such amendment pursuant to this Restated Certificate (or pursuant to a certificate of designations of any series of Preferred Stock) or pursuant to the DGCL.  There shall be no cumulative voting.


(c) Dividends.  Except as otherwise provided by the DGCL or this Restated Certificate, dividends may be declared and paid on the Common Stock from funds lawfully available therefor if, as and when determined by the Board of Directors and subject to any preferential dividend rights of any then outstanding shares of Preferred Stock.


(d) No Preemptive Rights. The holders of the Common Stock shall have no preemptive rights to subscribe for any shares of any class of stock of the Corporation whether now or hereafter authorized.


(e) No Conversion Rights. The Common Stock shall not be convertible into, or exchangeable for, shares of any other class or classes or of any other series of the same class of the Corporation’s capital stock.


(f) Liquidation.  Upon the dissolution or liquidation or winding up of the affairs of the Corporation, whether voluntary or involuntary, holders of Common Stock will be entitled to receive all assets of the Corporation available for distribution to its stockholders equally on a per share basis, subject to any preferential rights of any then outstanding shares of Preferred Stock and after payment or provision for payment of the Corporation’s debts.


Section 3.  Preferred Stock. To the fullest extent authorized by the DGCL, shares of Preferred Stock may be issued from time to time in one or more series, each of such series to have such powers, designations, preferences, and relative, participating, optional, or other special rights, if any, and such qualifications and restrictions, if any, as are stated or expressed in the resolution or resolutions of the Board of Directors providing for such series of Preferred Stock.  Different series of Preferred Stock shall not be construed to constitute different classes of shares for the purposes of voting by classes unless expressly so provided in such resolution or resolutions.


Authority is hereby granted to the Board of Directors, acting by resolution or resolutions adopted at any time and from time to time, to create, provide for, designate and issue, out of the authorized but unissued shares of Preferred Stock, one or more series of Preferred Stock, and, in connection with the creation of any such series of Preferred Stock, to determine and fix the powers, designations,